About Us

COVRI’s portal DargahInfo.com aims at providing the information about the various dargahs in the best possible way. There are numerous dargahs worldwide where People visit to seek blessings and make wishes. Even though the Dargah is by origin a Muslim sacred space, Indians of all faiths feel culturally connected to the Sufi tradition and its history. Islam in India is today a living religion. People still pray in 13th century mosques.

Our Aim

There are numerous Dargah worldwide, some well known but there are others whose popularity is restricted to the local regions. We therefore attempt to make these Dargah known globally so that people in general can be benefitted with the blessings of these pious souls.

Support Us

Dargahinfo.com was launched in 2014 and till date we are functioning without any external support. To expand our network in order to cover Dargah in distant areas across globe, we seek some external financial support to fulfill our objectives in a better way.

Let us Know

Dargahinfo.com welcomes information about Dargah not listed in DargahInfo.com, either go to Add Dargah page and fill up the details or write to us at contact@dargahinfo.com

Knowing Sufism

Sufism is a way of life in which a deeper identity is discovered and lived. This deeper identity, beyond the already known personality, is in harmony with all that exists. This deeper identity, or essential self, has abilities of awareness, action, creativity and love that are far beyond the abilities of the superficial personality. Eventually it is understood that these abilities belong to a greater life and being which we individualize in our own unique way while never being separate from it.

Sufism is less a doctrine or a belief system than an experience and way of life. It is a tradition of enlightenment that carries the essential truth forward through time. Tradition, however, must be conceived in a vital and dynamic sense. Its expression must not remain limited to the religious and cultural forms of the past. The truth of Sufism requires reformulation and fresh expression in every age.