Dargah Of: Qalandar-e-Haq Shaikh Baha’u-d Din Ansari

Langotbandh Baba Dargah

  Outside Daulatabad fort, Daulatabad / Maharashtra / India. PIN: 431002

  How to Reach:   From Aurangabad Airport Langotbandh Baba Dargah is 22.8 km, from Daulatabad Railway Station it is 4 km and 1 km from Deogiri Killa Bus Stop.,

  Nearest City : Daulatabad,   Bus Stop : Deogiri Killa Bus Stop,   Airport : Aurangabad Airport,   Railway Station :Daulatabad

  Contact Person Name :   Not Available

  Contact Person Phone:   Not Available

  Dargah History :   Qalandar-e-Haq Shaikh Baha’u-d Din Ansari was born at Jindh in Haryana, India. Legend states that he was born wearing a loincloth around his waist and that is the reason he is fondly addres .....

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