Dargah Of: Ahmad al-Badawi
Tomb of Ahmad al-Badawi
Al-Ahmady Mosque, Omar Saafan, Tanta Qism 2, Tanta / Gharbia Governorate / Egypt . PIN: -
How to Reach: From Cairo International Airport the tomb is 111 KM. It is 450 m from Tanta Railway Station and 1.5 KM from Facility bus city of Tanta.,
Nearest City : Tanta, Bus Stop : Facility bus city of Tanta, Airport : Cairo International Airport Railway Station : Tanta Railway Station

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Dargah History : Ahmad al-Badawi was a 13th-century Moroccan Sunni Muslim mystic who became famous as the founder of the Badawiyyah order of Sufism. Originally hailing from Fes, al-Badawi eventually settled .....