Shaheed Hazrat Syed Ahmad Hajib Shakarbar -Zinda Pir

 Narhar,Rajasthan, India


Hazrat Hajib Shakarbar was born in the year 1213 AC (590 Hijri). was born as the younger of the two sons of Hazrat Shams Tabrizi and Hazrat Shams Sabzwari in 1213 AC. His grand parents named him Alauddin Muhammad, but when his father returned from Tabriz to see his newborn baby, he changed the name from Alauddin Muhammad to Syed Ahmad because he had a dream to this effect in Tabriz. The new baby showed the signs of a born Hafiz and so came to be known as Zinda Pir from his very infancy.

When he was 14, he earned the title of Shakarbar (one who cause a rain of sugar or, one for whom sugar is rained), because he had caused such a downpour by praying to Allah in favour of a poor old woman near Sabzwar in 1227.

In 1235, when he was on pilgrimage to Makkah, by Providential Coincidence, he became the gatekeeper of the Grand Mosque there and came to be known as Hajib, as the gate keepers of the Grand Mosque used to be called Hajib-i-K’aba. Three years later when he returned home after relinquishing the post to the legally appointed person, he was received outside the city of Sabzwar with the shouts of Hajib. The new title, holy as it was, took precedence over his former title of Shakarbar and he came to be known as Hajib Shakarbar. This combination of his titles became so popular that his original birth names soon went into oblivion.

In early 1302 he arrived with his faithful soldiers in Narhar on a preaching mission, where a fighting was imposed on him by the then Raja of Narhar, which the Hajibi army won. Three nights later, however, the defeated Raja, who had fled to Sambar, staged a late night surprise raid and martyred Hazrat Hajib Shakarbar who was offering his late night prayers. The Hajibi forces eventually won, killed the Raja and renamed the town as Narhar Sharif.

He joined his father in Multan, Pakistan, with his elder brother Hazrat Naseeruddin, and a large armed escort of Turkish, Iraqi and Kabul fighters in 1289 AC.

Additional Info

The Grand Dargah Complex was built by a passing Hindu tradesman, who was impressed by the downpour of sugary white granules on and around the great Saint’s grave in the year 1445. He later converted to Islam, memorised the Quran and became the first ever Imam of the Dargah’s new built mosque.

  How to Reach: From Indira Gandhi International Airport, Narhar Sharif is approx. 190 km and from Hisar Airport it is about 130 km, Chirawa Railway Station 13 km from Narhar Sharif.,

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