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The shrine of Khwaja Syed Abul Hasan, Hare Bhare is unique among them as it is right in the heart of Old Delhi, just below the steps of the Jama Masjid, A neem tree grows above it, which divides the mazaar from the grave of the saint’s disciple, Sarmad Shaheed that is painted red as a sign of his martyrdom, while his mentor’s tomb is green in colour to donate immortality.
Hare Bhare Sahib lived during the reigns of Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb and is believed to have come from Central Asia.

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He gave the design of the Jama Masjid New Delhi through one of his murid namely FAZIL KHAN to SAAHJAHAN.Said that the masjid is like masjid AQSA.He stayed there when it was a jungle .

  How to Reach: The Dargah is located in Delhi which is well connected by air, rail and road ways,

Nearest City : Delhi
Nearest Bus Stop : Jama Masjid
Nearest Airport : Delhi – Indira Gandhi International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : New Delhi Railway station
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