Hazrat Syed Shah Abdullah Kermani (R.A)

 Khustigiri,West Bengal, India


Saiyad Shah Abdullah Kirmani was born in Kirman,Iran. His date of birth is not known. At a young age he left Kirman and came to India where he visited Muslim saint Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Arzani.

Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Arzani directed him to go to Bengal and gave him a toothpick of chambeli wood. He told him to stay at the place where the toothpick became fresh and green. He arrived in Birbum and stayed at Bargaon, where he performed several miracles (karamat) but the toothpick remained unchanged. He then moved on to Khustigiri. There one morning he found the toothpick to have become fresh and green. He planted it and it soon became a large tree. Shah Abdullah is specially renowned for his power over serpents.

Khustigiri Dargah Sharif is believed to be a place of learning, getting peace of mind, and becoming free from diseases and mental distress. This sacred place has been established about 500 years ago for giving service to the mankind by the order of his spiritual master Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Arzani. The beautiful environment draws the minds of all irrespective of race, caste, creed and religion. The Sufi saint Hazrat Abdullah Kermani (in short Kermani Baba) has established Khankah, Jama Masjid, Madrasah, Langor Khana, Atithi Shala, Nahabat Khana, Library, Charitable dispensary etc. for the service to the mankind.

Additional Info

Medini mela is organised around the time of Muharram and Shab e Baraat near the mazar of Shah Abdullah Kermani at Khustigiri.

  How to Reach: From Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata Khustigiri Dargah Sharif is appox. 210 km and from Asansol Airport it is approx. 93 km. Once can either take bus for Suri and then go to dargah by any local taxi or hire taxi directly from airport to Dargah. From Siuri Railway Station the dargah is around 16 km and from Sainthia Railway Station it is 14 km. Local sharing taxis are available from here to the dargah.,

Nearest City : Suri
Nearest Bus Stop : Khustigiri
Nearest Airport : Asansol Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Sainthia Railway Station
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