Hazrat Khwaja Syed Mohammad Badshah Qadri-ul-Chishti Yamani Raichuri Rahmatullah'alaih

 Halkatti,Karnataka, India


Mohammad Badshah Qadri was a Sufi saint of the Chisti order in India, known commonly as Badshah Quadri or Badesha Qadri, who preached universal brotherhood and peace.

Badesha Quadri was born in Raichur, Karnataka, India, during Bakrid on the 10th day of Dhul Hijja, on a Friday (1903) , to a Sayyid family which originally came from Yemen. His family trace their descent from Hasan ibn Ali, the first grandson of Muhammad.

At an early age, Badesha Quadri became a disciple of his paternal uncle Shah Nabi Mohiuddeen Quadri, of the Chisti order, who was then a renowned Chisti elder. He later became a disciple of Hazrath Shaikh Karimullah Shah Qadri. Before Karimullah died, he passed the role of Pir, the leadership of the Qadiriyyah and Chishti traditions, to Badesha Quadri.

He passed away in 1978. His work is continued there by his son and successor Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Shah Qadri

Additional Info

Badesha Quadri is entombed in Halkatta Shareef outside of Wadi in the Gulbarga District of Karnataka.

  How to Reach: Astana-E-QuadeeriFrom Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad Astana-E-Quadeeri is 194 km and from Sholapur Airport it is 186 km. From Wadi station Halkatta Shareef is 4.7 km and from Halkatta Station 6.8 km.,

Nearest City : Wadi
Nearest Bus Stop : Halkatti
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Nearest Railway Station : Wadi
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