Hazrat Ghulam Muhammad Miskin Shah sahib R.A

 Jaipur,Rajasthan, India


Hazrat Ghulam Muhammad Miskin Shah sahib (R.A) came from Kishtwar in Jammu & Kashmir and settled down in Jaipur City in 1842. He was initiated into the qadiriya and the naqashbandia orders and finally became the disciple of Shah Niyaz Ahmed.

He rose to eminence by his religious piety and personal sanctity and attracted a large number of followers from the rank and file. A State grant of 12 bishas was made in favour of Miskeen Shah by the erstwhile ruler of Jaipur for his secluded living and meditation.

Hazrat Miskin Shah died on 28 jumadulawal 1275 hijri 3rd January 1859. After his death Miskeen Shah was succeeded by his only son Zahiruddin Shah who became Sajiada-nashin-cum-Mutawalli of the Dargah..Hazrat Miskeen shah Rehmatullah awarded khilfat to his prominent mureeds

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Almost all caliphs of Hazrat Miskeen Shah Rehmatullah spread the true message of islam all around the world which they learned from Hazrat Miskeen Shah Rehmatullah, Khalif Shah Sadiq Rehmatullah was one them and prominent in all.

  How to Reach: From Jaipur International Airport Miskin Shah Dargah is approx. 14 km. From Jaipur Junction it is around 8 km. From Jaipur Bus Stand, Chandpole, Purani Basti Miskin Shah Dargah is 4.5 km and from Jaipur Bus Stand, Jawahar Nagar Marg it is 3.2 km. Depending on routes the nearest bus stops to the dargah are Ghat Gate, Transport Nagar, Ramganj Chopad. Mini buses and three wheeler are available to go to the Dargah.,

Nearest City : Jaipur
Nearest Bus Stop : Ghat Gate stop
Nearest Airport : Jaipur International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Jaipur Junction
Contact Person Name : Hazrat Amir shah (sajjada nashin)
Contact Person Phone: Not Available
Website : Not Available
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