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HAZRAT MUSA SUHAG R.A was a famous majzoob (Majzoob is one who is so absorbed in ALLAHS love that he is not able to hold his senses). He used to have female attire, wearing bangles, ornaments etc. His origin and detailed history is not known to us. He was well known for his miraculous powers and as such once was approached by the king , the qazi, and the Islamic scholars in order to request him to pray for rainfall as the state was experiencing drought. HAZRAT MUSA SUHAG R.A initially avoided their requests as he thought he didn't deserve to entertain such requests but immense pressure mounted on him to requests by people in general and hence he decided to pray for them. he took a stone in one hand and lifted his other hand directing towards his bangles, lifted his head towards the sky and cried out "Either send down rain or take your suhag" The moment he said so clouds showered rain to water was everywhere.

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One day at the time of juma he met the Qazi of city who advised him that his feminine attair is Haram and he should leave them and perform jumma with him.Sayeduna Musa Suhag alai rehma did not object and removed the bangles and jewellery and the feminine attair he was wearing and arrived in the Masjid.Heard the Khutba. When the jamaat was about to begin and the Imam said the Takbeer-e-Tahreema "ALLAH HU AKBAR" .. The Majzoobs state changed he called out "ALLAH HU AKBAR my husband is 'LA YA MUT'(One who cannot die) and they are making me a widow" The moment he said so he was instantaneously back to his old form, back were the bangles, Jewellery and the red dress.

  How to Reach: From Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport the dargah is around 6 KM, from Ahmedabad Railway station 4 km and from Ahmedabad Central Bus Station it is around 5 KM. Local transportation is easily available, three wheeler autos are recommended,

Nearest City : Ahmedabad
Nearest Bus Stop : Shahibag Kabaristan
Nearest Airport : Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Ahmedabad Railway station
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