Baba Diwana Shah (RA)

 Kapasan ,Rajasthan, India


The real name of Baba Diwana Shah (RA) was Abdul Razzaq, and people used to lovingly call him Kaalu. He was born in Rajpura village of Deesa Cant, Palanpur estate (Gujarat). His Father’s name was Abdul Qadir Sahab. Since his childhood, Baba Diwana Shah (RA) was interested more in spiritual world rather than worldly affairs and was least interested in education. He used to often think about questions such as who all are companions of whom in this world, earth gave birth to all of us and people will eventually return to graves (i.e back to earth). Seeking answers to his question he left Deesa and went to Ajmer but wasn’t satisfied as he didn’t get answers to his questions. After wandering for some time he ultimately reached Deogarh (Madaria) where a renowned sipiritual leader Hazrat Kutub Ali Shah (RA) used to live.
After listening to Hazrat Kutub Ali Shah’s speeches he got answers to his questions and became satisfied. Baba Diwana Shah (RA) became disciple of Hazrat Kutub Ali Shah (RA). From Deogarh he went to Nasirbad where is got khilafat and name of Vilayat Shah from his spiritual master. Deewana Shah was however used just to address him.
Baba Diwana Shah (RA) finally made Kapasan his permanent residence where he settled in Momin Mohalla. Villagers started visiting him to seek solutions to their problems and slow Baba Diwana Shah (RA) became well known in Kapasan. People of different faiths used to visit him, Master Hariram Kumawat being prominent. There used to huge gathering of needy people at Baba’s residence and people developed a strong faith in Baba. The King of Mewad , Maharaj Bhupal Singh, expressed his desire to meet Baba Diwana Shah (RA), to his friend in Kapasan, Hakeem Lala Pyarelal. Baba Diwana Shah (RA) and Maharaj Bhupal Singh met in Udaipur where Maharaj Bhupal Singh gifted land to Baba Diwana Shah (RA) which is near Udaipur railway station.

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On 8’th Safar , Hijri 1363 (1944) Baba Diwana Shah (RA) left this world and was buried in the land gifted to him by Maharaj Bhupal Singh. Later on a Maqbara was constructed on his grave by people of Kapasan. Every year On 8’th Safar, Baba’s Urs is celebrated. The Urs flag is brought from Baba Diwana Shah (RA) residence in Momin Mohalla in a huge procession accompanied by music and dance. This flag is hoisted at the buland darwaja of Dargah and chadar is offered at Baba’s Mazhar. This marks the beginning of the Urs. People from nearby states visit Kapasan during the Urs. Usual timings are from 5.30 am to 11.00 am, 2.00 PM to 3.30 PM and 4.00 PM to 8.30 PM

  How to Reach: Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur 67 KM, Kapasan Railway Station 3 KM, Kapasan Bus Stand 700 m. ,

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