Hazrat Hafiz Ghulam Haider R.A

 Jaora,Madhya Pradesh, India


Janab Faulad Khan was the father of Hazrat Hafiz Ghulam Haider R.A who was himself a distinctly advanced spiritually person. He acquired the religious patronage of Hazrat Piriji Mohd. Yusuf Sahab and eventually became his acolyte and successor in religious affairs.

Faulad Khan was married to ENAYAT BEGUM, the daughter of Qudratulla Khan Swati and during 1894, she gave birth to the most illustrious, most deeply idolized and most immaculate SAINT, namely HAZRAT HAFIZ GHULAM HAIDER SHAH SAHAB, also known as MACHCHAN MIYAN SAHAB, and MIYAN HUZOOR, to one and all. After gaining the knowledge of Urdu, Persian and Arabic, he went to Indore to learn English. He joined the CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, which was the portal of English knowledge of the then ‘BLUE BLOODS’. On his return to Jaora he shared his time with the aristocracy of Jaora. He was married in a wealthy family of Jaora, but his wife died and he married for the second time with the daughter of Mirza Mohammedi Baig, who was the Kamdar of Pratapgarh, in Rajasthan. There was no want in his life! Prosperity enabled him to indulge in his penchant for music, prose and poetry. (His non-de-plume was MAAIL). He was also fond of hunting (Shikar), touring and travel. However, with the passage of time he relinquished all his said temporal indulgences, on his own. Maybe it was, due to silent DIVINE GUIDANCE that this transformation took place in him.

During the mentioned period, a distinguished Spiritualist (Peer) namely Hazrat Hafiz Maulana Fazluddin Ahmed Naqshbandi Mujaddadi, belonging to Rawalpindi, Punjab, visited Jaora and within no time acquired infectious fame from his spiritual exaltation. Numerous people became Maulana Fazluddin Sahab’s mureeds (acolytes/ devotees). Maulana Sahab, like a true saint preferred to keep himself away from the worldly traits of ostentation, hypocracy, arrogance and falsehood. Hence, for observing meditation, he established himself in the nearby Qasba namely, Jhalawar in Rajasthan. He domiciled himself in an old grave yard and engaged himself in his prayers and penance. Miya Huzoor, accompanied Maulana Fazluddin Sahab & even being physically ebilitated, due to sickness, he served Maulana become voluntarily and ultimately as one of his Mureed. The benignity of Maulana Sahab was attracted and Miyan Huzoor recovered soon.

It seems that the association with Maulana Sahab completely transformed Miyan Huzoor ! During the age of 40 years he learnt the Holy Quran by heart and like a new born, devoted himself wholly to prayers (in addition to praying five times a day, regularly) Miyan Huzoor also undertook the performance of Tahajjud, Ishraq, Chaasht prayers, keeping awake at night in his occupation of Wazifas, Wirds and Ziker ! His normal dress become an ordinary shirt, a payjama, a sherwani and a saafa (turban) or a topee (head gear made of ordinary cloth). There was no ostentation about him. His diet consisted of ‘POP-CORN’, made out of Juwaar or a roti (bread/Chapati) cooked out of Juwaar. Inspite of the fact that he was suffused with all worldly advantages, he totally shunned them for his simplicity, self abnegation & piety. Just in case, if someone brought some delicacy for Miyan Huzoor, out of his devotion for him, than only to please him, after his sustained persistence, Miyan Huzoor would receive the same dish & lay it before those that had gathered at that time to eat. Invariably he may also ask his benefactor to fill sweet milk in his tea or else if it was some dish made out condiments etc. that too was poured in his tea. Then the said mixture of tea was heated and Miya Huzoor drank the same.

He was not a talkative person & always kept himself away from vulgarity. He always preferred silence and sedateness of temper. It was not Miyan Huzoor’s practice to give talisman, taweez, sacred threads (gandas) and fulfill other religious expectations, usually associated with Saints/ Peers etc. If the person suffering persevered pleadingly, than he would give a ‘KANKARI’ (small stone) to him; which always proved in being the remedy of all ills ! He was so distinguishingly courteous towards others that he would never falter or hesitate in even saluting his juniors. His religious exaltation was so marked that his face always glowed with a definite aura of brightness. The fact is that one has to be spiritually advanced himself to perceive the real depth of sanctity attached with Miya Huzoor ! He was so religiously devoted that he never missed the performance of his prayers and other additional spiritual pursuits. He adhered to SUNNAT-E-RASOOL (the mandates that have been advocated by the Holy Prophet to his followers.) He always believed the performance of prayers & to one and all, he told his Mureeds that they should never expect him to help them by praying in absolve to them from their sins, if they failed to perform their regular prayers.

Some times, Miya Huzoor would accompany his Mureeds to the BARAODA VILLAGE, situated about 10 kilo meters from Jaora, where the CHILLA SHARIEF (an abode of prayers) of Hazrat BABA FAREED GANJ-E-SHAKAR (R.A.) is housed). Namaaz used to be performed here in the form of a JAMAAT and then the recitation of DUROOD SHARIEF was to be undertaken. He enjoyed listening to the poetry of the illustrious Poets, namely, Hazrat Jaami, Hafiz Shiraani etc. and the NAATS of other famous peots. All non-musical sounds displeased him. The entire day would be spent in listening to Shajra, Salaam, Fateha, Prayers etc. These were always the refulgent moments making the entire gathering and the occasion a memorable one ! Food used to be prepared and on learning about the arrival of Miya Huzoor, the locals, who were professing their faith in Miya Huzoor, also congregated and obviously it appeared that the quantity of food cooked would not suffice ! But miraculously, no one was left hungry and all those gathered were fully assuaged, and even extra food remained for being served. Volumes could easily be compiled in enumerating the incredible stories related with the magnanimity and beneficence of Miyan Huzoor (R.A.) towards the multitude, irrespective of any differentiation of caste, colour or creed ! If one word be chosen to describe Miya Huzoor, it could be ‘EXTRA ORDINARY’ ! He was unique, He was uninimitable, He was unusual.

A saint (Wali) – par excellence – Hazrat Ghulam Haider Shah Sahab (R.A.) is also known by the name of MIYAN HUZOOR and during his infancy his parents and elders called him MACHCHAN MIYA. The use of Miya Huzoor is the evidence of the great reverence, dignity and spiritual exaltedness that the devotees (Mureeds) and even strangers harbour for this Ascetic who ruled the depths of the hearts of humanity that came in contact with him ! The fragrance of devout allegiance is something that most of the famous Kings, Leaders, Politicians etc: aspire for but comparatively do not possess ! Miya Huzoor was GREAT in all aspects of even after being a Human.

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On 15th September 1967, Friday, Miya Huzoor left this mortal world for his eternal abode, leaving the citizens of Jaora in an intolerable state of grief and pain. He was laid to rest in the spot adjoining the mosque of Ghulam Yahya Khan Sahab. Annually, the function / ceremony of URS (spiritual gathering) is performed at the Mazar Sharief where devotees collect to pay their respective homage to their Peer. Flag hoisting starts the programme followed by the washing (Ghusl) of the Mazaar. Recitations from Quran coupled with prayers are performed. The function also include a MUSHAIRA where numerous poets gather on occasion & recite their creative works. Milad Sharief is also undertaken coupled with lectures on the teaching and message of Miyan Huzoor to the one and sundry. The Urs conclude with a DUA for the humanity’s welfare and for the benefit of all.

  How to Reach: From Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport, Indore Dargah Miya Huzur is approx. 157 km. From Ratlam Junction it is about 36 km and from Jaora Railway Station the distance is 1.3 km. Bus Stand, Jaora is 1.7 km from Dargah Miya Huzur.,

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