Hazrat Maulana Syed Shah Azizuddin Hussain Munemi

 Patna,Bihar, India


He was the second son of Hazrat Syed Shah Mubarak Hussain Munemi. He was born at Meetanghat, Patna City in 1266 Hijri. He completed his education and training under the supervision of his elder brother.

When he was 21, the incident of sudden and tragic death of his elder brother took place and he was appointed as the 7th successor (Sajjada Nashin) of Khanqah Munemia.

His tenure is very important in the history of the Khanqah Munemia. Talking about him, famous writer and historian Syed Badrul Hassan writes in "Yaadgar-e-Rozgar":

"The seat and Khanqah of Hazrat Munim Pak is situated at Meetanghat. There is a large and ancient mosque which seems to date back to the imperial era. There is Hazrat's grave (mazar) near the premises of the mosque. He was a great saint of the Abul Olaiya order. He is a man of miracles. The writer has not seen the ancient elders but used to hear much of praises of Shah Abul Barkat Saheb and Shah Quamruddin Saheb. These were the saints from this family. The writer saw Azizuddin Saheb at this seat. He was truly a noble man (Jawan-e-Saaleh) and I saw the dignity of asceticism (Faqeeri) in him. He was a simple, good mannered, kind-hearted, friendly and exhilarative. Earlier this Khanqah had ordinary status. Hazrat Shah Azizuddin Saheb shaped it to the present status. (addendum, Yadgar-e-Rozgar, page 8-9)

He became a disciple (murid) of Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Sajjad Danapuri and obtained Ijazah and Khilafah from him. Though he was his murid and much younger than him, Hazrat Shah Muhammad Sajjad had unprecedented respect for him. During urs ceremony if someone came for kissing the feet (Qadambosi) of Hazrat Shah Muhammad Sajjad Danapuri, he asked him to kiss the feet of Shah Azizuddin Hussain Munemi instead of him. He also had the privilege of visiting the holy Makka and Madina and performed Hajj along with his preceptor (Pir-o-Murshid), Hazrat Shah Muhammad Sajjad Danapuri. During his tenure, he got constructed a magnificent building of the Khanqah Munemia in place of the old one. He also got the Jama Masjid of Hazrat Mulla Meetan and the tomb of Hazrat Makhdoom Munim Pak renovated. A large number of his disciples (murids) are spread all over Bihar.

Additional Info

He left for heavenly abode right at the time of Iftar (breaking the fast) on the 3rd. of Ramadhan 1340 Hijri. He left after him only two daughters whom he himself got married to the sons of the preceptor (pirzadas) of Khanqah Maulanagar (Surajgadha). His grave is situated near the graves of his grandfather and elder brother in the premises of Khanqah Munemia, Patna.

  How to Reach: From Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport Khanquah Munemia is 16.3 KM, from Patna Junction it is 10.4 KM and from Patna City Court Bus Stop it is only 950 m. City buses, three wheeler auto, taxis are easily available for Khanquah Munemia ,

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