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Hazrat Chandshah wali Qadri was Born in Medina and has only one younger brother Pehalwan Shah baba Ra. Hazrat Chandshah wali RA spent his Childhood on yards of Rasool e Pak. from the Begining Hazrat was inclined towards Spirituality. One day he got dream of Rasool e Pak to Become Murid of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Rz. Hazrat Chandshah wali went to baghdad to meet Hazrat Abdul Qadir jilani Rz.

Hazrat Abdul Qadir jilani Rz ordered him to stay at him and serve him. after staying few years Hazrat Abdul Qadir jilani Rz given White Turban to Chandshah wali RA and made is Murid. Very Few People Know this that Chandshah wali is First Murid and Khalifa of Hazrat Guasee pak Rz. He Blessed "Chandshah as you are my first murid you will have highest number of Mazars than any other aulia and all your mazars will be 8 feet high from ground. You will stay at peak."

After staying few years at baghdad, Chandshah wali Ra got order from Guasee pak to go Hind. In 1400 palki of Sufi Saints hazrat Chandshah went to India. AFter reaching Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Mehboobe ilahi orderd His khalifa "Hazrat baharuddin Garib RA" to move 1400 saints to Deccan area of Hindustan.

During travel Chandshah wali's Jalal increased. It is Said that 28 villages where Chandshahwali (RA) Leaved got Destroyed beacuse of His anger. But later His Jalal has been changed to jamal. Chandshahwali ra is also called as "Killeh ka badshah i.e King of forts. " He used to stay on forts. One of the famous forts where Chandshahwali has Mazar is Ankai Fort in Manmad District of Maharashtra. Hazrat has 360 Chillas (mazars)
spread across Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajshathan. Hazrat Chandshah wali always respected all Religions speacially Hindu Religion, this can be confirmed by the
fact that near Hazrat all mazars one Hindu God/Goddesses temple is always present. For example i went to Ankai Fort where hazrat mazar is at the top of Hill, nearby temple of Agasth Rishi , Mahadev and kali Mata (at bottom of fort) are Present.

Hazrat Chandshah wali RA and His Brother Hazrat Pehlawanshah baba both are unmarried. he is one of the 16 syed group of auilas.

Ankai fort, where the sufi saint said to have been "PARDA" is 3400ft high.

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Some of the hazrat Chandshah wali's mazar's _ 1} Ankai Fort, manmad, Dist- Nasik (Maharashtra). 2} Powai, Dist Thane, Mumbai, (Maharashtra) 3} Muktainagar, Dist-Jalgaon (Maharashtra). 4} Raipur City, Chattisgaarh, 5} Vilayatpura, MP. 6} nasik City, Maharashtra. 7} Pachora, Dist-Jalgaon (Maharashtra).

  How to Reach: The dargah is around 8 Km from airport and taxis take around 25-30 mins to reach. Direct buses aren't available from airport. One can go to Andheri station and take bus no. 186 from Agarkar chowk to Nitie and walk further 5 mins for dargah. From Kurla ST stand bus 320 directly goes to Morarji Nagar from where the dargah is 20 mins walk.,

Nearest City : Mumbai
Nearest Bus Stop : Nitie, Morarji Nagar
Nearest Airport : Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai
Nearest Railway Station : Andheri, Kurla
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