Hazrat Maulana Syed Shah Muhammad Manzoor Munemi

 Patna,Bihar, India


He was born at Khanwah-e-Munemia, Ramsagar in Gaya. His father's grandfather (maternal) and renowned Sufi, Hazrat Syed Shah Ata Hussain Fani Munemi put his pious tongue into his mouth and offered lots of blessings. Seeing his smiling face, he used to call him Masroor (happy) in place of Manzoor. He completed his education and training under the supervision of his father, Hazrat Syed Shah Muhammad Noor. He was the first person in his family to be admitted to the modern system of education after having received complete Islamic education in accordance with the contemporary curriculum. He passed matriculation with first division from Calcutta University in 1948. While his higher education was in progress he got a job as Kanungo with the Land Acquisition Department of the government of Bihar. In 1398, when he became the Sajjada Nashin of Khanqah Munemia, Meetanghat, he resigned from the government job.

He had the privilege of being a murid of his father in the Chishtiya Munemia order and also received Ijazah and Khilafah of all his orders. His father-in-law cum uncle, Hazrat Syed Shah Taqiuddin Hussain Munemi had also granted him Ijazah and Khilafah of all his orders. He was married to Bibi Zohra, the daughter of Hazrat Syed Shah Taqiuddin Munemi, who gave birth to three sons and seven daughters. On the 11th of Rajab 1371 Hijri, on the occasion of the 186th urs of Hazrat Makhdoom Munim Pak, his father-in-law cum uncle, Hazrat Syed Shah Taqiuddin Hussain, appointed him his successor (Sajjada Nashin) and all the Sufi saints and Sajjada Nashins of various Khanqah from far and near places adorned him with turban (dastaar) and expressed their consent. He devoted his 28 years of tenure of Sajjada Nashini to reverence and service of the people. He spent the last 40 years of his life having relinquished the consumption of non vegetarian food (meat, fish, egg, etc.) and not only regularized bu also limited his daily meal. He never took more than one or two rotis that too not in presence of anyone. Because of extensive Ibadah and Riyazah (worship and observances), his personality became memoir of great Sufi saints. People from far away places used to come to him to find peace in his company and seek his blessings (dua) and he also used to sit along with them till late at night listening to their grievances and consoling them. Not a single day passed without someone praising him and expressing his thanks after having got his wishes fulfilled by the grace of his blessing (dua). People observed manifestation of a number of superhuman acts from him whose witnesses are still alive.

Additional Info

He departed his life on 5 Rajab 14 Hijri at the age of 105 years. As desired by him, his grave is situated towards the feet of Aalahazrat Syed Shah Quamruddin Hussain Munemi. His urs is organized every year at Khanqah Munemia on the 6th of Rajab together with that of Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz.

  How to Reach: From Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport Khanquah Munemia is 16.3 KM, from Patna Junction it is 10.4 KM and from Patna City Court Bus Stop it is only 950 m. City buses, three wheeler auto, taxis are easily available for Khanquah Munemia ,

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