Hazrat Sayyid Sahib Husayni (R.A)

 Tekmal,Telangana, India


Hazrat Sayyid Sahib Husayni was a famous Sufi saint from Hyderabad State, India and had a great influence over spiritual developments in the Deccan area. He belonged to Qadiri Order, and was a great proponent of the concept of Wahdat al-Shuhood.

Sahib ?usayni was a murid (disciple) of the noted Sufi saint of Hyderabad, Hazrat Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Farooqui Chisti Qadiri, who also belonged to the Qadiri Order.

Sayyid Sahib ?usayni was a direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad through his daughter Fatimah and Ali ibn Abi Talib. The thirteenth in line from their descent was the famous Sufi Shaikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, who founded the Qadiri Order and Sayyid Sahib ?usayni is his direct descendent. Sayyid Sahib ?usayni belongs to the forty-first generation after Fatimah.

He was born Sayyid Sahib ?usayni in Tekmal in 1805. His father was Sayyid Abdur Razzaq who was also initiated into the Qadiri Order. This was during the period of the Nizam Mir Akbar Ali Khan Sikander Jah, Asaf Jah III of Hyderabad State.

Sahib ?usayni moved to Hyderabad city at the age of 14 to pursue his higher education and remained there for five years despite financial pressures. He was determined to acquire the knowledge of religious and worldly sciences. In 1824, he was forced to return to Tekmal due to illness and death of his father. That is when he realised that he had not been able to acquire the knowledge of spiritual awareness from his father who was very advanced in these matters.

Sayyid Sahib ?usayni lamented this for a long time. Eventually he claims to have had dreams in 1825 which his father appeared and advised him to become the disciple of Hazrat Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Farooqui Chisti Qadiri, who was a famous Sufi of his times in Hyderabad. Therefore, he sought out this great Sufi, and became his disciple the following year in 1826. The same year, Hazrat Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Farooqui Chisti Qadiri appointed Sayyid Sahib ?usayni as his "khalifa" (successor). Having acquired this status, Sahib Husayni returned home to Tekmal.

During the upcoming years, Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Farooqui Chisti Qadiri visited his khalifah Sayyid Sahib ?usayni a number of times in Tekmal. During one such visit in 1831, he also granted the title of "sajjadah" to Sayyid Sahib ?usayni

In 1833, Shah Muhammad Maroof Shahidullah Farooqui Chisti Qadiri visited Tekmal again, and proclaimed that he would die in that town, and be buried there. A place for his grave was determined. He came again the following year in 1834 and expired and is buried in Tekmal according to his will. His death occurred on 2 Sha'aban 1249 Hijri.[2] Twenty one years later in 1854, Sayyid Sahib ?usayni had a mausoleum constructed over the tomb of his master.

Sayyid Sahib ?usayni died in Tekmal in the year 1880 and his buried there.

Additional Info

Sayyid Sahib Husayni is remembered for the number of development works he initiated in and around Tekmal. He also wrote a number of books on aspects of Sufism.

  How to Reach: From Rajiv Gandhi International Airport the dargah is around 119 Km and from Mirzapalli Railway Station it is 52.4 Km,

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