Qutbus Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha Radiyallh Ta’ala anhu

 Ervadi ,Tamil Nadu, India


The main dargah which came to be established is dedicated to Seyyad Ali. There are three other dargahs here, one of Shahid's mother Fathima, the second is of his wife Seyyad Ali Fathima and the third of his son Abu Thahir. The land for building the darghas was a gift from the Maharaja of Ramanathapuram and dargha, and the Nawab of Arcot built the main dargah in the Arab year of 1207 and named it Ektibagh.

Saeed Ibrahim Uliullah, also called Quthbus Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Valiyullahal, king from Saudi Arabia came to Erwadi during 530 Hijri year when it was under the reign of Maharaja Vijaya Regunatha Sethupathi, King of Madurai. He came with intent to preach Islam. The Sultan performed many magical feats which impressed the king who then gifted him with 6,000 acres (2,400 ha) of land. However, it is said that king was blessed with an heir when he prayed and drank the holy water at the dargah for 41 days.

Following this Hindus of the village, impressed with the miracles performed by the Sultan, wanted to convert to Islam. At that time the king who had succeeded Sethupathi was Vikrama Pandya who opposed this conversion of Hindus. As a result of this opposition there was a battle between the Seyyad Ali and Vikrama Pandya in which the former was killed along with members of his family including his son who was only of 17 years age. Seyyad Ali became a martyr and the tomb where he was buried became a dargah or saintly place. People have great trust in the magical powers of the dargha which has resulted in unity among the Muslim and Hindu communities. The shrine has become a very popular place for healing mentally deranged people as it is believed that the water and the oil from a lamp from the dargha has spiritual healing powers and is administered to the sick people.

According to a local legend, after Shaheed Valiyullah (Seyyad Ali) died in 1198 his descendant Nalla Ibrahim Valiyullah had a dream in which Valiyullah was directed by the saint to build a dargah in his memory at the particular place. Valiyullah then built the dargah and his descendent are maintaining it now.

An annual festival commemorating the martyrdom of Seyyad Ali is held at Erwadi in the Islamic calendar month of Dhu al-Qi’dah , and the festival is named "Chandanakkudam" or "sandhanakoodu" when the tomb of the saint is given a coat of sandalwood paste. On this occasion a religious flag is hoisted over the dargah, and the right to hoist this flag rests with the local Hindu communities of Karuppaiah Yadavas, Ambalathar, Nadar and Vanniar. It marks a symbol of religious harmony when a very large number of people of all faith attend the festival. The Grand festival starts on 1st of Zul Qaida and ends on 30th of Zul Qaidah of every Hijri year.

The main shrine (Dargah) in Erwadi is the holiest place in Tamilnadu because it is mixed with the soil of madinah. Qutb Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed and most of his family members, close relatives and other shuhadaas’ grave is found in the main dragha. The big hall of the Shrine of Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shahid was constructed by Eiatibar khan, during the time of The Nawab of Arcot. The main Dargah has three entrances. It is fully opened except for the dargahs. Thousands of pilgrims stay here in the mixture of madinah’s soil which is supposed to cure all kind of fatal diseases with the blessings of Shahid Badusha.

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The dargah is well known for healing mentally deranged people, and about 1,000 devotees of all religious beliefs visit the shrine every day. The cure offered to the sick people is only the holy water from the dargha twice a day, apart from prayers.

  How to Reach: From Madurai International Airport, the dargah is 134 Km. It is 124 Km from Madurai Railway Junction and 34 km from Ramanathapuram station,

Nearest City : Ramanathapuram
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Nearest Railway Station : Ramanathapuram
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