Palm impression of Hazrat Ali A.S

 Hyderabad,Telangana, India


Built during the ancient times, this important religious structure is built in the memory of 'Hazrat Ali', who was the son-in-law of 'Prophet Mohammad'. Muslims come here to offer their prayers to 'Prophet Mohammed'. The local people as well as people from other regions visit this great mosque especially during the 8th and 10th days of 'Muharram', which is an important festival celebrated by the Muslims. During the period of 'Ramzan', grand celebrations and prayers are held at Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah. This divine monument was constructed during the reign of 'Qutub Shahi' and is open to people of all religions at all times. The architectural design of the monument attracts a large number of tourists every day. According to the popular beliefs of the people, the Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah was built after a worker dreamed of 'Hazrat Ali'.

History And Legend
There is a popular legend associated with the Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah. It is believed that a worker in the court of 'Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah' called 'Yakoob' saw a dream of Hazrat Ali sitting on the top of the hill. Yakoob went to visit that hill the next day and saw the impressions of Hazrat Ali's palm on a stone. He established the stone in a shrine and constructed an arch over that area. Many Muslims believe that the Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah has unbelievable powers to make anyone's wishes come true.

The Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah is inspired from 'Asif Jahis' style of architecture. The monument is built in such a way that one should climb a flight of 400 steps to reach the entrance of the Dargah. There are a series of arches that lead to the top of the hill where the Dargah is.

Additional Info

Apart from offering prayers, one can also offer coconuts, flowers, gold and silver and ask for their wishes to be granted at this holy Dargah. The local people believe that anyone who visits the Dargah will surely have their wishes come true.

  How to Reach: From Rajiv Gandhi International Airport the dargah is around 30 KM. It is 3.5 KM from Nampally Railway Station and 2.7 KM from Dabirpura MMTS station. From Nayapul bus stop the dargah is only 350m Directions from landmarks Go over Purana Pul to reach the back of the City College, High Court and Victoria Hospital to reach the Badshahi Ashurkhana. Gate Divan Devdi is right opposite to the Ashurkhana. Upon entry into the gate, the Durgah is in the first lane to the right. Inside Gate Divan Devdi, there are many shops for bridal beds and furniture. To the right is a shop called Yousufain Beddings. The Durgah is in the lane next to this shop. NOTE: It may seem simpler to reach Devan Devdi taking a straight road from the Charminar or the Naya Pul, but you will reach a one-way and have to go back over the bridge and access it from the Purana Pul.,

Nearest City : Hyderabad
Nearest Bus Stop : Nayapul
Nearest Airport : Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Dabirpura MMTS station
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