Hadrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari Qadri R.A

 Bareilly,Uttar Pradesh, India


Taajush Shari'ah, Hadrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari Qadri, was born on the 25th of Safar 1942, in the district of Saudagran in the city of Bareilly Shareef, India.

The name given to him during his Aqeeqah was Mohammed. He was also given the name Ismail Raza. However, the name by which he is famously known is Akhtar Raza.

When he reached the age of 4 years, 4 months, 4 days, his respected father, Hadrat Mawlana Ibrahim Raza (Alaihir Rahmah), who was a great Islamic Scholar of his age, arranged for his Bismillah Kwaani (Commencement of Islamic Studies).

His maternal grandfather, Ghousul Waqt, Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind, Hadrat Mawlana Shah Mustapha Raza Khan Noori (Alaihir Rahmah), performed the traditional Bismillah Kwaani.

Hadrat Allama Akhtar Raza Khan gained his basic Islamic education within his home and he completed the basic recitation and study of the Holy Qur'an under the guidance of his mother. He then studied further under the guidance of his father.

Having completed his basic studies at home, Hadrat Mawlana Ibrahim Raza Khan (Alaihir Rahmah) enrolled him in Darul Uloom Manzare Islam in Bareilly Shareef. When Hazrat reached the age of 20, he was blessed with Khilafah by Ghousul Waqt, Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind (Alaihir Rahmah). This distinguished function took place on the 15th of January 1962. He has also received Khilafah from Sayyidul Ulama, Mawlana Sayyid Aale Mustapha and Mawlana Burhanul Haq Razvi.

Even while he was still a student, Hadrat Mawlana Ibrahim Raza (Alaihir Rahmah), issued a statement in which he made his son, Hadrat Allama Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari, as his spiritual Successor.

In 1963, at the age 21, he was sent to Cairo in Egypt to study at the famous Al Azhar University. He studied Tafseer of the Holy Qur'an and Ahadith for 3 years at this Islamic University. It has been stated that even as a child, he was very intelligent, a person of great wisdom and he possessed an excellent memory. While studying at the Al Azhar University, teachers and students were surprised when he conversed with them in superior Arabic. When he spoke to them, they would often look stunned at his mastery over the Arabic language.

He also used to achieve first position during every examination. His studies continued at the Al Azhar University and he began achieving more success in the academic field as the days passed. He achieved the distinction of being one of the best foreign students to have studied at Al Azhar University.

Upon graduating from the Al Azhar University, Allama Akhtar Raza Khan was awarded the Jamia Azhar Award by Colonel Jamaal Abdul Nassir. He was also presented with a Certificate of Merit in the field of Ahadith. After graduating and receiving the Al Azhar Award, he returned home to continue his Islamic mission. He returned home when he was 24 years old and three years later. Taajush Shari'ah married the daughter of Hakimul Islam, Mawlana Hasnain Raza Khan on Tuesday, the 3rd of November 1968, in Bareilly Shareef.

From this marriage were born 6 children, one son and five daughters.
It was reported that Ghousul Waqt, Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind (Alaihir Rahmah) had once commanded Muslims to become the Mureeds of Allama Akhtar Raza. Once, he also personally made a huge group of Muslims become the Mureeds of Taajush Shari'ah. When he was sent to various places under the direction of Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind (Alaihir Rahmah), vast numbers of Muslims became his Mureeds.

Taajush Shariah possesses thousands of Mureeds in many countries and cities such as Iraq, Pakistan, Medina Shareef, Mecca Shareef, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, United Kingdom, Holland, London, South Africa, America, Riyadh, Iran, Turkey and in Malawi. They are also Muslims from all walks of life and among them, there are great Ulema, Mashaa'ikhs, great poets, prose writers, authors, doctors and research scholars.

He died following a long illness on 20 July 2018, aged 77. His last prayer was attended by around a million people.

Additional Info

He was the author of more than 50 books on Islamic theology and thought. He wrote extensively in Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Hindi and in English.

  How to Reach: From Bareilly Airport, the Dargah is approx. 9 km. It is 1.5 KM from Bareilly City station and from Bareilly Junction Railway Station it is around 3.2 km. Old bus stand Bareilly is 1. 7 KM from the dargah. Local taxis from airport and mini buses from Railway station are available for dargah,

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