Ibrahīm Bin ʿAbd-El-ʿAzīz 'Abu al-Magd

 Desouk,Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, Egypt


Ibrahim El Desouki was an Egyptian Imam and the founder of the Desouki Order. El Desouki was born in Desouk on the Nile delta and there he lived his whole life, hence his attribution to it. He is a descendant of Ali ibn Abi Talib from his paternal side and to the caliph of the Dasooqi order in Egypt from his maternal side. He became Sheikh ul-Islam of Egypt during Baibars' rule.

His feast is celebrated twice a year: the first during April, and the second on October the 2nd.

Additional Info

El-Desouki was influenced by the Shadhili Sufi order and was as well close to his contemporary Sufi Ahmad al-Badawi of Tanta.

  How to Reach: From Borg El Arab International Airport the tomb is 12 KM. 1.4 KM from Desouk Train Station,

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