Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Husain Bukhari Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht R.A

 Uch Sharif,Punjab, Pakistan


Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Husain Bukhari Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht was a famous fourteenth century Sufi saint from South Asia who is known to have belonged to fourteen different Sufi orders. He believed that every order was endowed with inherent spiritual greatness and therefore joined every order that then existed. He was a much-travelled person which earned him the title of Jahangasht (World Traveller). Hazrat Jahanian was the son of Hazrat Syed Ahmad Kabir and grandson of Syed Jalaluddin Surkh-Posh Bukhari, a disciple of Sheikh Bahauddin Zakariya. His father migrated to South Asia in 630 AH / 1232 AD from Bukhara in Persia. Like his grandfather, his actual name was Jalaluddin, but he later acquired the title of Jahangasht. He also had a brother, Sheikh Sadruddin, better known as Raju Qattal who later became his spiritual disciple and khalifa.

He initially took lessons from Qazi Bahauddin of Uch, an outstanding scholar of his time. However, his teacher passed away before he could complete his education. He thus made the decision to move to Multan, which was then a renowned centre for learning and education. In Multan, he stayed at the madrasa of Hazrat Sheikh Ruknuddin Abul Fath, grandson of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya where he was fortunate enough to be taught by eminent scholars as Sheikh Musa and Maulana Mujadduddin. During his one year stay in Multan, he studied Hidaya and Bazoodi among various other books.

Upon completion of his education, he was ordered by Hazrat Ruknuddin to return to Uch to act as an intermediary between Hazrat Jahanian's father and Hazrat Jamaluddin Khandan of Uch who were not on good terms. When he reached Uch, he conveyed the Sheikh's message to his father, who accordingly apologised to Hazrat Sheikh Jamaluddin Khandan and reconciled with him.

Hazrat Jahanian did not confine himself to a single order or to a single person. He derived spiritual ecstasy from the company of all the religious men that he met, seeking out and receiving blessings from many. He was initiated as a spiritual disciple and was conferred khilafat from 14 different Sufi orders. He first became his father's spiritual disciple and thereafter Sheikh Ruknuddin Abul Fath initiated him into the Suhrawardi order.

According to him, every Sufi order derives its inherent strength from the precepts and practice of those belonging to that order who have attained spiritual perfection. Every order and every saint has something to offer in the nature of spiritual ecstasy, spiritual blessings, spiritual exaltation, inner purification and inward illumination. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in being the spiritual disciple of more than one person and there is absolutely no harm in being affiliated with or attached to more than one Sufi order. There is not and cannot be any question of a clash of loyalty for the simple reason that every saint or order must convey something different.

Hazrat Jahanian spent a considerable amount of time in Uch during the reign of Sultan Firoz Shah Tughluq, cousin and successor of Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq, and influenced the religious policy of the Sultan. He visited Delhi several times, and one of his important visits to the capital, in 1379-80, was marked by the compilation of his many sayings by his disciple, Abu Abdullah Alauddin Sa'd bin Ashraf into a book called the Khulasat al-Alfaz-i Jami al-Ulum.

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He passed away on 10 Zul-Hijja 785 AH / 3 February 1384 after a prolonged illness and was buried in Uch Sharif. His mausoleum is still an attraction for thousands of devotees today.

  How to Reach: From Sheikh Rashid Terminal, Bhawalpur airport the shrine is 81.1 KM. It is 33.9 KM from Kulab Railway Station and 80 KM from Bhawalpur station. It is 2.9 KM from Uch Sharif Bus Station,

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