Qutba-e-Kadapa Hazrath Khwaja MURAD ALI R.A

 Kadapa,Andhra Pradesh, India


Hazrath Ali Murad Saheb (R.A) Darga (Astana-e-Muradia) Kadapa is an example of the communal harmony preached by great saints and sages in ancient days. Pilgrims comes Monday, Thursday and Friday, scores of pilgrims cutting across religious faiths, throng the nearly 250-year-old shrine seeking blessings of saints. Followers of the dargah believe that whenever there is an outbreak of cholera in Kadapa town, residents use to consider Hazrath Ali Murad Saheb Qibla as their savior and Golden Angel from God to protect them and special prayers were conducted at his shrine(reading his written Dua “Dua-e-Dafiyul bala wal-wabaa) and carrying Flower Chandani. In addition, wish that one makes at the shrine is always fulfilled. A large number of Hindus, Muslims and people of different faiths are disciples of the shrine. The family’s descendants identify themselves with a Green mix with saffron cap because the saint belongs to family of Peeran – e - Peer Hazrath Ghouse Azam Dastagir R.A (Baghdad Iraq) and Hazrath Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Sanjeri R. A (Gareeb Nawaz Ajmeer). All the ancestors of Qutbe Kadapa are recognized Sufi’s and well known with having their own karamaat's. The ancestral Dynasty in Deccan and Rayalaseema area is more than 450 years across different places of the regions. During the time of Qutbe Kadapa there were used to have nearly fifty (50No's) graveyard in Kadapa. At present, we are able to see only 10-12 graveyards. Astana-e-Muradia Darga and its graveyard belongs to his own family graveyard from the time of his great grandfather Hazrath Noorullah Basha Saheb R.A. The reason of reducing number of graveyard in Kadapa is due to prayer make by Qutbe Kadapa to the peoples of Kadapa. 3. Karamaat’s of Hazrath ALI MURAD Saheb Qibla R.A (Qutbe Kadapa) One day when Qutbe Kadapa went out from his house, (At Present Sajjada Nasheen Syed Sha Mohammed Jamalullah Basha Saheb and his brothers living in the same house) saw peoples carrying the dead bodies of more than three persons without giving respect (Pulling the dead bodies by keep laying in the cart). Qutbe Kadapa asked why ritual of Islam and its teaching are disobeyed in terms of funeral possession and asked the cause doing so disrespect with dead bodies, from the crowd was replied that those persons died because of spreading disease called Cholera. Qutbe Kadapa cries after seeing the situation with the deceased persons due to cholera and prayed in front of Allah by standing under one foot in Hot Sun for a while. Then Qutbe Kadapa requested with all the Kadapa residence to visit at his living and given them his one written Arabic Dua and inform to read the same whenever such type of spreading diseases enter in the town. Also confirmed that if I passed away from this world keep reading my written Dua and pray in front of Allah and make remember me by performing Fathiha. Insha Allah all harmful disease will get clear not only from house of diseased person but also from the town. In the year, 1889 Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa closes eyes at his residence in Madras (Chennai), this news spread in Kadapa, immediately his near disciples and relatives travel to Chennai and inform the last wish of Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa that his interest of burial beside to his great grandfather tomb and it shall be fulfilled. Disciples and family personnel after performing Ghusl and funeral prayer at Shahi Masjid Royapeta, Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa was brought to Chennai Central railway station to take him to Kadapa. The train started from the station, during routine inspection inside General compartment found Funeral of Qutbe Kadapa inside the General compartment bogie, immediately inspection noticed and requested that the funeral should be carried in reserved special compartment, and asked them to get down from general compartment. Obeying the railway inspector, all get down from general compartment and as they do not have enough amount to book special compartment, keep waiting at the station and train moved from central station. After passing an hour railway employees along with stationmaster reached to the plot form, inquire about Qutbe Kadapa from his disciples, and inform that the train was stopped at Perambur Station. The entire railway Engineers check the problem and unable to find the reason, railway staff tried to move the train in backward and its worked, they took the train back to central station and the British station master visit at the spot and saw crowd sitting with the funeral of Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa. He asked about the Hazrath and requested to see his face with sweating on forehead; once he saw Hazrath granted permission by saying, he is alive between us. All the jury with Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa Praise to Allah and got confidence that it’s a miracle of Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa that the train back to the same plot form. Station Master shows respect towards Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa by taking off his Hat and also the stationmaster order to fix stone plate at Perambur station as the recognition to the miracle of Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa and the is still able to see at Perambur station in Chennai. The miracle of Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa spread all the corners of the country and many of them visited to the funeral of Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa in 1889 at Astana-e-Muradia Kadapa. Peoples of Kadapa City have seen and believes that whenever there is outbreak of harmful disease in Kadapa Hazrath Qutbe Kadapa uses to pass through the boundaries of entire Kadapa to protect it affecting to human beings.

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In the Dynasty of Qutbe Kadapa recognized books has been written and printed, some of them available with the Sajjada Nasheen of dargah and some books are safe in Museums of Hyderabad and Lahore.

  How to Reach: From kadapa airport, the dargah is around 8 km and 4 km from Railway station. three wheeler and taxi are available. City buses also avail from these places to the dargah. ,

Nearest City : Khilla Masjid
Nearest Bus Stop : Old Bus Stand
Nearest Airport : Kadapa Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Kadapa Railway station
Contact Person Name : Sajjada Nasheen
Contact Person Phone: 9849423717, 08562-252337
Website : www.muradia.in
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