Hazrat Shaikh Muntajibuddin Zar Zari Zar Bakhsh Dulha (R.A.)

 Khuldabad,Maharashtra, India


Shaikh Muntajibuddin Zar Zari Zar Baksh Dulha was his distinguished title. He was well connected with two genealogical records. He was connected in the 11th generation with Imam Abu Hanifa and in the 21st generation his genealogical record was connected with Allah’s final apostle. He was pledged to Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya, his spiritual master and obtained the saintly dress from him. He was among the most pious personalities of his time.

His father's name is Sheikh Mohammed and his mother’s name is Bibi Hajira. His grave is situated in the tomb which is located in the compound in the western-northern side.

He was born in the year 675 Hijri .He is younger than his brother Hazrat Burhanuddin Gharib. He was a saint by his birth. Since childhood, there had been indications of saintliness on his face. So since childhood, he used to keep himself busyin the remembrance of Allah and with the daily recitals. He used to offer following prayers regularly. He strictly followed the Islamic law (Shariat) and he was a very great lover of Sunnat (practice) of Allah’s final apostle. He was in the habit of ignoring worldly matters and used to be busy in mystical exercises and endeavours despite seasonalhardships and without any interruption and gap. Upon becoming a disciple of Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya, owing to Sheikh’s kind attention and favour hepassed through many stages of Fakher (indigence) successfully and reached to a higher status of Velayat (saintliness).

Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya has arranged and sent a group of 1,400 pious personalities towards Deccan for the guidance of mankind. Hazrat Zar Zari Zar Baksh was selected the leader of the caravan by Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya as he thought him fit for the job due to his best qualities. To obey his master’s order he left Delhi for always and came to Deccan along with a caravan of 1,400 holy pious personalities. During his journey he passed from many places of India and also moved from difficult places of mountains and reached to Daultabad which was the capital of the Kingdom of Delhi at that time and its population was very much. The historian Mohammed Qasim who wrote the famous history book ‘Tariq Farista’ mentioned that the number of his caravan members were 7,00 and among them many were perfect personalities of their time so for this reason due to their higher status and the position they were allowed to travel in the palanquins. Upon his arrivalat Daultabad he engaged himself in extensive prayers, teaching of moral values, spiritual upliftment of people around him and the development of their personality . He taught truth and tolerance, peace and patienceequality and justice, self realization and self purification by setting practical examples. During his stay in Khuldabad, he has followed all directions and instruction from his great spiritual master and fulfilled his duties perfectly to the entire satisfaction of his master. A large number of people from neighbouring areas were greatly benefitted due to his favour of Zaheri (manifest) and Batni (innermost) and several others accepted his guidance towards the path of Allah. His daily routine of life and practices in the meeting place were as per dervish system. Till his entire life, he was disconnected with the worldly life and its people.

Shaikh Muntajibuddin Zar Zari Zar Baksh passed away on 7th Rabil Awwal in the year 709 Hijriat the age of 34 years in Khuldabad and his date of death is available from the following words.‘Shahinsha Auliya’

The annual urs of Hazrat Zar Zari Zar Baksh is observed in the third month of Hijri calendar viz. Rabbi ul Awwal. It is 15 days long procession. Main urs days are 4th and 8Nominated Urs Management Committee organise a number of cultural programmes such as a National Mushaera, Qirat ( Quran recitation) Competition, Seerat un Nabi Elocution Competition, Wrestling competition, Mahfil Samaa ( Qawwali programme) to mark the occasion. The Urs fair, organised on a huge ground goes on for almost a month. Lakhs of devotees from far and wide attend the Urs to pay their homage and reverence to the great saints.

Additional Info

When he was leaving Delhi along with 1400 groups of holy personalities as per his spiritual master's instruction but at that time he was worried how he would manage the expenses of such a large gathering of people. He went to his master and told him his difficulty.His spiritual master went into meditation and told him that at the time of Tahjud (supererogatory in the early hours of the morning) prayer all the expenses for the day will be arranged for him. As per reference from Mohammed Qasim who wrote his famous history book ‘Tariq Farishta’ that at the time of Tahjud (supererogatory prayer in the early hours of the morning) there would arrive a small box full of gold for the expenses of the Darvishes from an invisible source. So he used to collect the gold in the morning and for that money, he would run the expenses of Darvish persons. For this reason, he was well known and became famous with the title of ‘Zar Zari Zar Baksh’. Maulavi Ghulam Ali Sahib Azad Bilgalrami wrote in his book ‘Roudah Auliya Deccan’ that when his endeavours, mystical exercises reached to their height and he got status and position of Mahbibiat (loveliness) then from that time daily in the morning and evening time he will use to get two robes of honour of gold from invisible source and which he will use to sell and spend the amount on the expenses of his Dervish friends and from that amount he will not use any amount for his personal expenses. So, for this reason, he is called as Zar Zari Baksh.

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