Hazrat Aqeel ibn Abi Talib A.S

 Medina,Hijaz , Saudi Arabia


Aqeel ibn Abi Talib was a companion and first cousin of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was known by the kunyas Abu Aqeel and Abu Yazid. He was born c.581, the second son of Abu Talib and Fatimah bint Asad; hence he was a brother of Ali. He was said to be an expert in genealogy. He married Fatima bint Al-Walid from the Abdshams clan of the Quraysh. After Muhammad departed from Mecca, Aqeel sold the houses of his Muslim relatives among the inhabitants of the city. He fought on the side of the polytheists at the Battle of Badr, where he was taken prisoner. Muhammad is reported to have told his companions on the Day of Badr: "Indeed I am aware that men from Banu Hashim, and others also, have been brought out under compulsion with no wish to fight us. If any of you encounters one from Banu Hashim then do not kill him". Umar said that he should be handed over to Ali to have his head cut off; but Muhammad approved of Abu Bakr's opinion that he should be released on ransom. Since Aqeel had no money, he had to be redeemed by his uncle Abbas for 500 dinars or 40 ounces of gold. When Muhammad told him that Abu Jahl had been killed, Aqeel conceded that nobody would now challenge Muhammad's authority: "Either people will be affected by your words, or you will dominate them by force."

Aqeel emigrated to Medina in mid-629, a year after Khaybar. Aqeel and his children, due to their close relationship with Muhammad, were forbidden to receive anything from the alms tax. He fought in the Battle of Mu'tah.

Aqeel donated a carpet to the mosque in Medina. On Fridays it was spread out up the west wall. When the shadow of the wall covered the whole carpet, Umar knew it was time to come out for the midday prayer. Aqeel was the man who found Umm ul-Banin to marry Ali. In old age he became blind. He died in the caliphate of Muawiyah I, at the age of 96.

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Descendants of Aqeel are numerous and spread out across Yemen, parts of Oman and Somalia.

  How to Reach: For pilgrims, the most common route is to arrive in Jeddah by plane, and get on a special pilgrims' bus to Medina. The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) runs to and from luxurious buses several times daily from most parts of the country at cheap rates. There are also privately run buses. The cemetery is approx. 17 km from Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport and taxis are available from airport. It is around 30 min ride.,

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