Hazrat Syedna Khaja Mahboob Allah

 Hyderabad,Telangana, India


Hazrat Syedna Khaja Mahboob Allah is a famous sufi saint of South India. His full name is Syed Mohammed Siddiq and he was born on 29 Shaban 1263 Hijri ie May 1845 at Hyderabad. Mahbooballah's followers number in the thousands and are spread across the world. His year of birth is "Cheerage- Hind"(Lamp of India) derived from the calculation of numerical values of Abjad Letters. When his year of demise was calculated using same Abjad letters, it resulted in "Cheerage Madina"(Lamp of Madina).
He was the eldest son of Hazrath Syed Mohammed Parwarish Ali Hussaini, aka Badshah Hussaini Rh. He belonged to Hussaini Syed lineage, which in a sense meant that he possessed the venturous spirit of the Hussaini Perfectionism. His mother was Syeda Ewaz Begum who was the granddaughter of Qutbul Hind Hazrath Mir Shujauddin Rh. who was an eminent sufi Shaikh, a great scholar and author of many books.
Khaja Mahbooballah was accorded with twenty five titles through spiritual revelation (Kashf). Some are listed here...Tajul Aulia,Shifa ullah, Rahmatullah, Hibatullah, Barakatullah, Abdul qadir sani. It is recorded in his biography (By Chand Pasha Qibla) that Khaja Mahbooballah was very much worried when he was accorded the title of Abdul qadir sani by the Holy Prophet SAWS, As he was thinking how could he enter in the service of Ghouse Azam Abdul Qadir Jeelani R.A. as Ghose Azam might be furious at his equivalent title. This thought has taken all his peace and he was enveloped in extreme fear. Suddenly he saw Ghose Azam R.A.telling him:"Khaja miyan! Do not panic, only that is a true disciple who annihiliates in his Murshid.(Fanafi-Shaikh).
Khaja Mahbooballah was a born Wali (a beloved of Allah SWT.) There were a lot of incidences recorded in his biography by different personalities that signifies that he was not an ordinary child. His reverend mother saw in dream the daughter of Holy Prophet SAWS Bibi Fatima Zehra ( the Resplendent one) is swaying the little boy in cradle and she said to his mother pointing to the baby :"This is our child, serve him with care".
He was a Hafiz and Qari of Holy Quran. He was a learned in Arabic, Persian, Literature, Philosophy. He was an expert in Jurisprudence, Interpretaton of Holy Quran and Prophetic Traditions. He was well acquainted with the science of mysticism(Tasawuuf). He was also interested in medicine and he wrote a book on some herbal remiedies. He was an able calligrapher and an expert in Nusq and Nastalleq(Persian and round spherical writings). He was a poet and Khulq was his pen name.

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Hazrath mahbooballahs urs is celebrated on 18th, 19th, 20th day of zeeqadah in Qazi pura, hyderabad which is attended by thousands of devotees from through out the world to benefit from the faiz (spiritual flow) of this holy saint.

  How to Reach: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is approx. 24 km from the dargah. One can either taxi which will be an hour ride or take bus for Afzalgunj. Get down at Afzal ganj and take bus for Shah Ali Banda and get down at Himmath Pura Khilwath bus stop. Dargah is 500m from here. From Hyderabad Deccan station the distance is around 6 km. Take bus no. 9F for Shah Ali Banda from where dargah is around half km. From Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station the dargah is around 4 km.Bus 66G goes to Himmath Pura Khilwath bus stop and Dargah is 500m from here. ,

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