Hazrat Sayyed Ali Mira Datar

 Unava,Gujarat, India


Hazrat Sayyed Ali Mira Datar was born on 4th August 1426 C.E. (29th Ramazan 879 hijri) in the holy month of Ramzan. It is said he was born as a wali of Allah as his Face was glittering with the Spirtual lightning (noor), at Sayyedwada of Ahemdabad.

He took his basic education from Dadajan at Ahemdabad. He was very pious man. He spent most of his time in Ibaadat and study of Quran, Hadees and Sunnah. People used to approach him with their difficulties as he was believed to posses spiritual power and his prayers were accepted very soon by the Almighty.

He joined the army of Sultan Nasir al-Din Ahmed Shah (reign 1411-1442 C.E.) who had founded the city of Ahmedabad. He died as a martyr, defending Islam at a very young age. The martyardom of syed ali mira datar is 29 moharram 897. Thus the annual ‘Urs’ is held on 29th of Muharram every year.

Additional Info

Owing to the miraculous powers of healing, the honorific of “Mira Datar” came to be added to the name of Hazrat Sayyad Ali. The word, “Mira” means “The Brave One, ” and “Datar” (or Daata) means “Giver” or “Bestower”. This shrine is known for driving off evil forces and healing the ones, especially the women who are possessed by demons and evil Jinns.

  How to Reach: One can reach Unjha Bus Station which is around 5.5 km from the dargah and take local transport services Unjha station is approx. 5.5 km from the dargah. Local taxis and three wheeler are available to go to dargah. Sardar Vallabh bhai patel International Airport Ahmedabad Airport is approx. 92 km from the Dargah. ,

Nearest City : Mehsana
Nearest Bus Stop : Dargah Gate (Hussaini Gate)
Nearest Airport : Sardar Vallabh bhai patel International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Unjha station
Contact Person Name : Hazrat Saiyad Haji Jehangir Ali
Contact Person Phone: 9898288627
Website : http://www.sayedalimiradatar.com/
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