Dargah Of: Hazrat Sheikh Sardarud-din Sader-e-Jahan aka Malerkotle Wale Pir
Baba Hazrat Sheikh Dargah
Malerkotle Wale Pir Dargah Chohatta, Malerkotla / Punjab / India. PIN: 148023
How to Reach: From Ludhiana Airport, Baba Hazrat Sheikh Dargah is 43 km , from Malerkotla railway station it is 3.1 km and from Malerkotla Bus Stand it is 2.5 km approx. Taxis and private mini buses go to the dargah. ,
Nearest City : Malerkotla, Bus Stop : Chohatta, Airport : Ludhiana Airport Railway Station : Malerkotla

Contact Person Name : Khalifa Anwar Ahmed Khan Sherwani
Contact Person Phone: Not Available
Dargah History : Baba Hazrat Sheikh was born in Sherwan in 1434. His original name was Sheikh Sardarud-din Sader-e-Jahan. He was the son of Sheikh Ahmed Jinda Pir and grandson of Shekh Ali Shahbaj Khan. Sin .....