Dargah Of: Maulana Ahmed Raza Khan (Radi Allahu Ta'ala anhu)
Ala Hazrat Dargah
Suresh Sharma Nagar, Bareilly / Uttar Pradesh / India. PIN: 243006
How to Reach: From Bareilly Airport, Ala Hazrat Dargah is approx. 10 km and from Bareilly Junction Railway Station it is around 9.5 km. Local taxis from airport and mini buses from Railway station are available for dargah.,
Nearest City : Bareilly , Bus Stop : Suresh Sharma Nagar, Airport : Bareilly Airport Railway Station : Bareilly Junction

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Dargah History : Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi was born on 14 June 1856 in Muhallah Jasoli, Bareilly Sharif, British India. His birth name is Muhammad. He used the appellation "Abdul Mustafa" (slave [or servant] .....