Dargah Of: Hazrat Shah Kamal Qadri Kaithali (R.A)
Kaithal Sharif
Dargah Baba Shah Kamaal Lal Dyal Qadri SH 11, Bidkyar Lake, Kaithal / Haryana / India. PIN: 136027
How to Reach: From Delhi – Indira Gandhi International Airport the Dargah is 194 km, from Kaithal Railway Station it is about 1. 8 km and from New Bus Stand it is 2.9 km. Three wheelers and local taxis are the best choice to go to Dargah.,
Nearest City : Kaithal, Bus Stop : New Bus Stand , Airport : Delhi – Indira Gandhi International Airport Railway Station : Kaithal

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Dargah History : Hazrat Shah Kamal Qadri (R.A) came to India from Baghdad in 928 Hijra and made Kaithal his abode. He was instructed in dreams by Gaus E Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani to go to India to obli .....