Dargah Of: Hazrat Syed Shah Ismail Quadri R.A

Ghodwadi Shareef

  SH 75, Bidar District , Humnabad Taluka, Ghodwadi / Karnataka / India. PIN: 585418

  How to Reach:   From Gulbarga Airport the Dargah is 95 Km, from Bidar Railway station 62 Km and 20 Km from Basavakalyan Bus Stand,

  Nearest City : Basavakalyan ,   Bus Stop : Ghodwadi,   Airport : Gulbarga Airport,   Railway Station :Bidar

  Contact Person Name :   NA

  Contact Person Phone:   NA

  Dargah History :   Hazrat Syed Shah Ismail Quadri who was great sufi saint of nineth century Hijri and he belongs to Sadat of Hussaini chain (descendant of the holy prophet).He was pious and has good conduct .....

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