Dargah Of: Sultan-ul-Faqr, Sultan-ul-Arifeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh

Darbar Sultan Bahoo

  Union Council Garh Maharaja, Shorkot / Punjab / Pakistan. PIN: 35050

  How to Reach:   From Multan International Airport Darbar Sultan Bahoo is 101 KM, from Shorkot Cantonment station it is 38.6 KM and from Garh Maharaja 4.3 KM.,

  Nearest City : Shorkot,   Bus Stop : Garh Maharaja,   Airport : Multan International Airport,   Railway Station :Shorkot Cantonment

  Contact Person Name :   Not Available

  Contact Person Phone:   Not Available

  Dargah History :   Hazrat Sultan Bahu was born into the Awan tribe known for its organisation and discipline, obedience to the patriarch, valour, education and fear of God. He traced his descent from Hazrat A .....

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