Dargah Of: Syed Mohammad Baba Tajuddin known Tajuddin Baba
Waki Shareef
Waki Darbar, Waki / Maharashtra / India. PIN: 441113
How to Reach: From Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur Waki Shareef is 38 KM, from Nagpur Railway Station it is 31 KM, 7 KM from Patansaongi town Railway Station and from ST Nagpur Bus stand 32 KM. One can reach waki by bus & train both. Buy Bus : The Nagpur Saoner Buses are run every 15 mins. From Patansaongi stop you can hire Taxi. Buy Train : The Nagpur Chindwada train have stop for Patansaongi town Railway Station.,
Nearest City : Nagpur, Bus Stop : Waki, Airport : Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur Railway Station : Patansaongi town

Contact Person Name : PRO
Contact Person Phone: 9370314847
Dargah History : After living for a month in Shakardara, Tajuddin Baba moved to Waki Jungles after acquiescence of Maharaja. Patel Sheri Kashi Naath Rao was His Majesty’s (r.a.) devotee. He was suffering .....