Dargah Of: Hadrat Sheikh Maroof al Karkhi R.A.
Shrine of Sheikh Maruf al Karkhi
Sheikh Maruf cemetery, Karkh, Baghdad / Baghdad Province / Iraq. PIN: -
How to Reach: The shrine is approx. 28 km from Baghdad International Airport and 850m from Baghdad Railway station. Taxis are the best option to go to the shrine,
Nearest City : Baghdad, Bus Stop : Sheikh Maruf cemetery, Airport : Baghdad International Airport Railway Station : Baghdad Railway station

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Dargah History : Hadrat Asad al-Din Abu Mahfuz Shaykh Ma’roof Ibn Feroz al-Karkhi Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anho is the ninth Imam and Shaykh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qadiriyah Barakatiyah Razaviyah Nooriyah. B .....