Dargah Of: Hazrat Sayyid Sahib Husayni (R.A)
Hazrat Sayyid Sahib Husayni
Medak District, Tekmal / Telangana / India. PIN: 502302
How to Reach: From Rajiv Gandhi International Airport the dargah is around 119 Km and from Mirzapalli Railway Station it is 52.4 Km,
Nearest City : Medak, Bus Stop : Tekmal, Airport : Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Railway Station : Mirzapalli Railway Station

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Dargah History : Hazrat Sayyid Sahib Husayni was a famous Sufi saint from Hyderabad State, India and had a great influence over spiritual developments in the Deccan area. He belonged to Qadiri Order, and wa .....