Dargah Of: Hazrat Mohammad Sheikh Sirajuddin Junnedi
Hazrat Mohammad Sheikh Sirajuddin Chilla
Hazrat Mohammed Shaikh Sirajuddin Junnedi RA Ka Chilla, Kudchi / Karnataka / India. PIN: 591311
How to Reach: The shrine is 93 km from Kolhapur Airport, 5 Km from Kudachi railway station,
Nearest City : Kolhapur, Bus Stop : Kudchi, Airport : Kolhapur Airport Railway Station : Kudachi

Contact Person Name : Not Available
Contact Person Phone: Not Available
Dargah History : Mohammad Sheikh Sirajuddin Junnedi is a very highly respected Sufi saint of Junnedi Silsila, in India, and especially in deccan India, who happened to enthrone the great Bahemani King 'Hasa .....