Dargah Of: Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajveri R.A
Data Ganj Bakhsh Dargah
Jilani Rd, Daata Ganj Bakhsh Town, Lahore / Punjab / Pakistan. PIN: 54000
How to Reach: From Allama Iqbal International Airport the shrine is 29 KM. From Lahore railway station it is 4 KM and 800 m from Bilal Ganj bus stop,
Nearest City : Lahore, Bus Stop : Bilal Ganj, Airport : Allama Iqbal International Airport Railway Station : Lahore

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Dargah History : Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh Ali Hajveri R.A, was born in 400 A.H. in Ghazni (Afghanistan). He belonged to a Syed family (descendant of the Holy Prophet). He completed his earlier education in Gh .....