Dargah Of: Sayagyi Fakir Al-Hajj Mohammad Saleh Ahmed Kotwal, B.Sc
Sheikul Burma
Dargah Cemetery or Syriam Paanch Pir Cemetery compound, Thanlyin / Yangon Region / Myanmar. PIN: -
How to Reach: It located across Bago River from the city of Yangon.Many of people(Taxi driver ) know Thanlyin Paanch Pir Dargah. It have Dargah Bus stop as well.The street name is Dargah and you will fine many famous Sufi there as well.,
Nearest City : Yangon , Bus Stop : Dargah Lansone Bus stop, Airport : Yangon International Airport Railway Station : Thanlyin Railway Station

Contact Person Name : Haji -Imaram (great-grand-son)
Contact Person Phone: +959970967454 , +95943107832
Dargah History : In the Name Of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate. “Sayagyi Fakir Al-Hajj Mohammad Saleh Ahmed Kotwal, B.Sc. ( Sheikul Burma) " Founder of Tabligul Momeneen Haroonia; Qadaria .....