Dargah Of: Hazrat Abdul Rasul Shaheed Pir Sahab R.A
Abdulla Pir Dargah
Shriram Colony, Banswara / Rajasthan / India. PIN: 327001
How to Reach: From Udaipur Airport , Abdulla Pir Dargah is 165 KM. It is 87 KM from Ratlam Jn and 2.9 KM from Banswara Bus Stand. Once you are in the city, there are several options for the commute like buses and taxis.,
Nearest City : Banswara , Bus Stop : Banswara Bus Stand, Airport : Udaipur Airport Railway Station : Ratlam Jn

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Dargah History : The place has a great historical importance and is visited mostly by Bohra Muslims, especially during the festival of URS. The festival goes on for 6 days marked by musical programs of qaww .....