Dargah Of: Syed Shah Jamal R.A
Shrine of Shah Jamal
Fazlia Colony, Lahore / Punjab / Pakistan. PIN: 54000
How to Reach: From Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore the shrine is 14.7 KM. It is 3.8 KM from Lahore Cantt. Railway Station and .4 KM from Lahore Jn. It is 1.2 KM from Ichra Bus Stop and 5.3 KM from City Bus Stand Lahore.,
Nearest City : Srinagar, Bus Stop : Ichra Bus Stop, Airport : Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore Railway Station : Lahore Cantt. Railway Station

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Dargah History : Hazrat Syed Shah Jamal was born in 1588 CE. He is also known as Hussaini Syed. His father’s name was Syed Ahmad Shah bin Syed Shah Dolat Qattal (Dolat Khishan). Syed Shah Jamal was the 7th .....