Dargah Of: Sheikh Allama Muhammad Abdul Wahab Siddiqi R.A
Abdul Wahab Siddiqi tomb
Blessed Seat, Watling Street, Nuneaton CV11 6BE, United Kingdom, Warwickshire / West Midlands / England. PIN: -
How to Reach: From Birmingham Airport the tomb is 24.5 miles. It is 3.3 miles from Nuneaton Railway Station and 3,5 miles from Bus Station, Nuneaton and 1.o mile from Watling Street bus stop.,
Nearest City : Nuneaton , Bus Stop : Watling Street, Airport : Birmingham Airport Railway Station : Nuneaton Railway Station

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Dargah History : Sheikh Allama Muhammad Abdul Wahab Siddiqi R.A was a Sunni Muslim religious scholar and Sufi master. He was born in 1942 in the historical city of Sheikhupura.He was the third son of Mu .....