Dargah Of: Sheikhul Aulia Hazrat Mohammad Inayat Hasan Shah R.A
Mohammad Inayat Hasan Shah Dargah
Chanda Mian Dargah Bhaisodi Sharif, Bhainsori / Uttar Pradesh / India. PIN: 206244
How to Reach: From Moradabad Airport Bhainsori Sharif is 44 KM, Milak railway station is 5.4 KM and Bhainsori bus stand 800 m,
Nearest City : Rampur, Bus Stop : Bhainsori, Airport : Moradabad Railway Station : Milak

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Dargah History : Mohammad Inayat Hasan Shah alias Chanda Mian was born on 22nd of Moharram 1302 Hijri. His place of birth was Bhaisodi Shareef, Distt. Rampur, U.P. He was only two years of age when his f .....