Dargah Of: Hazrat Shaikh Muntajibuddin Zar Zari Zar Bakhsh Dulha (R.A.)
Dargah Hazrat Zar Zari Zar Baksh Dulha
Badlabai, Khuldabad / Maharashtra / India. PIN: 431101
How to Reach: From Aurangabad Airport the dargah is 34 KM. It is 26.3 KM from Aurangabad Railway Station and 750m from Khuldabad Bus Stand,
Nearest City : Aurangabad, Bus Stop : Khuldabad Bus Stand, Airport : Aurangabad Airport Railway Station : Aurangabad Railway Station

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Dargah History : Shaikh Muntajibuddin Zar Zari Zar Baksh Dulha was his distinguished title. He was well connected with two genealogical records. He was connected in the 11th generation with Imam Abu Hanifa .....