Dargah Of: Hazrat Pir Fateh Ullah Shah Chisti
Raisen Dargah
Dargaah Sharif NH86 GRAME DARGAAH SHARIF, Raisen / Madhya Pradesh / India. PIN: 464551
How to Reach: The dargah is around 61 km from Raja Bhoj Airport Bhopal and around 41 km from Bhopal Junction station and Nadra Bus Stand. City buses are available for Raisen,
Nearest City : Bhopal, Bus Stop : Dargah Sharif Raisen, Airport : Raja Bhoj Airport Bhopal Railway Station : Bhopal Junction

Contact Person Name : Not Available
Contact Person Phone: Not Available
Dargah History : We apologize for not providing historical back ground due to unavailability. This section will be updated as soon as we get information .....