Dargah Of: Sahabi-e-Rasool Abu Ubaida Amer bin Al-Jarrah A.S
Abu Ubaida Amer bin Al-Jarrah tomb
Tomb of Abu Ubaida Amer bin Al-Jarrah, Jordan Valley / Irbid Governorate / Jordan. PIN: -
How to Reach: The tomb is app. 71 KM from Amman Civil Airport. It is app 70 KM from Amman Railway Station and 60 KM from JETT Bus Station.,
Nearest City : Amman, Bus Stop : JETT Bus Station, Abdali, Airport : Amman Civil Airport Railway Station : Amman Railway Station

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Dargah History : Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah was one of Companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Mostly known for being one of the "Ten Promised Paradise". He remained commander of a large section of the R .....