Dargah Of: Makhdum Ibrahim as-Samarqandy

Makam Maulana Malik Ibrahim

  Makam Maulana Malik Ibrahim Jalan Malik Ibrahim, Gresik / East Java / Indonesia. PIN: 61119

  How to Reach:   Makam Maulana Malik Ibrahim is around 45 km from Juanda International Airport, an hour taxi ride. From Surabaya Gubeng railway station it is around 22 km, 35 min by taxi. From Terminal Purabaya bus station, the Makam is around 30 km. Buses are available but it takes longer if going by bus. Driving anywhere is Java is a hazardous business for visitors not used to Indonesian driving habits. East Java is no exception and visitors are advised to rent a car with a driver if this is your chosen method of getting around in the region.Frequent buses travel across Java and this is a reliable, if not always comfortable, method of travel. All of the the major cities and towns in the region can be reached by bus. ,

  Nearest City : Gresik,   Bus Stop : Swalayan Semen,Jl. R.A.Kartini,   Airport : Juanda International Airport,   Railway Station :Surabaya Gubeng

  Contact Person Name :   Not Available

  Contact Person Phone:   Not Available

  Dargah History :   The most generally accepted history identifies him as having come from Kashan, Persia (modern day Iran). Ibrahim came to Java with his father, Syekh Jumadil Qubro or Kubro, and his brothe .....

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