Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah (R.A)

 Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh, India


Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah far-famed as Dada Miyan (R.U.A.) was born on Monday, 25th of Rabiul-Awwal, 1284 Hijri in Village- Bhainsodi Shareef, Rampur, UP, India. Three signs of saintliness and holiness were noticed since his birth. First, he always stayed away from childhood games and fun. Second, at the age of 4 years and 4 months he recited Bimillah Shareef (to start read to holy Quran) and last, in the next few years he got perfection in Islamic and universal studies.
In 1886 Huzoor Dada Miyan was married to the daughter of Khan Bahadur Sahib, the District Magistrate of Village-Darao, Nainital. A year after his marriage Huzoor Dada Miyan R.A. joined service with the Second Regiment of Bengal Lancers. During his service period the English Officers saw his spiritual virtues and miracles and remained very generous to him.
Once Hazrat Shah Mohammad Abdul Hai (R.U.H.), of Islamabad and Chittagong (most popularly known as Fakhrul Arifeen) intentionally came to Calcutta to travel across India and there he stayed at the palace of Deputy Badi-ul-Alam Sahib, disciple of Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen. During Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen's stay at Deputy Sahib's residence Dada Miyan met Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen and at first sight Dada Miyan's heart begin to burn with the devotional love of the Almighty. In the immediate night Hazrat Fakhrul Aarifeen specially prayed to the Almighty to bestow Hazrat Dada Miyan upon him as his disciple and his prayer was fulfilled. In the morning the next day Dada Miyan appeared before him and became his disciple. After becoming the disciple, Dada Miyan lost his attachment to the wordily desires and affairs. After sometime with the permission of Nawab Sahib (in whose association Dada Miyan was) Dada Miyan started his prayers for the spiritual strife (i.e. Riyaaz-o-mujahida). Now, his routine was totally changed. He whole night offered prayers (qayamul-lail) and during daytime kept fasts (saayerun nahar). At times, he used to offer morning prayers (Fajar Namaz) with ablution of Isha (last prayer of night). Over the time he absorbed in the thoughts of Almighty which became sign of his life. He performed many Chillas (forty days of solitary confinement in the thoughts of Almighty for spiritual attainment). Huzoor Dada Miyan performed one such Chilla at Mirza Khel, Bangladesh. During the stay he kept fast and used to open his fast with little food and his whole night used to pass in prayers. In the all forty days of his Chilla he ate a very simple vegetarian food.
merely after a few years of Bait (becoming disciple), on seeing the inner purity of soul, devotion and spiritual performances of Hazrat Dadamiya, his Peer-o-Murshid realized that this disciple has conquered complete control and purity, and then bestowed upon him KHILAFAT (Lieutenancy) and Ijazat as destined during the Urs mubarak of Mukhdum-e-Aalam Shaikh Abdul Haque Rudolvi (R.A.) and instructed that “live this life with mujahida (crusade) for the benefit of mankind and for the blessings of God Almighty and his beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H.).” After his Khilafat and Ijazat, he went to pay tribute to Ajmer Sharif i.e. at the shrine of Ataa-e-Rasul Khwaja Hindal Wali. At the occasion Amama Poshi (turban of Honour) was done in a special way by Sajjada-Nashin of the shrine.
As per the command of Almighty and commands of Peer-o-Murshid Sayyedna Fakhrul Aarifeen, Dadamiya came to Lucknow in the year 1904 and selected this city as his permanent abode. Dadamiya kept himself away from rich people. As far as possible he used to stay at the house of poor people. He never used to keep money with him rather he distributes it among the poor people or in mehfil-e-sama, whatever money would come to his possession. Huzoor Dada Miyan always ordered his disciples to regularly offer prayers and keep away from vices. He said that the love and respect of Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H. is the highest peak of faith (Imaan).
It was Sunday, the 24th Rabiul Awwal, 1329 Hijfri at 10:30 A.M. in the house of Nasir Khan alias Chunnemiya, resident of area called Sadar Bazaar, Hazrat Dada Miyan left for heavenly abode. The bed and the room in which Hazrat Dada Miyan breathed his last breath is preserved even today as holy memoir. His brother Inayat Hasan Shah became his Sajjada-Nashin. Inayat Hasan Shah nominated Hazrat Rahat Hasan Shah, his son, as the spiritual successor of the shrines here in Lucknow and Bhainsodi. Who was succeeded by Fasahat Hasan Shah and the present Sajjada-Nashin of, both shrines, Lucknow and Bhainsodi Shareef is Hazrat Mohammad Sabahat Hasan Shah. Who is a picture of all traits what ancestors possessed

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A saint Janab Maulana Shah Sahab, disciple of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif R.A. also lived in Lucknow. Hazrat Shah Sahab was fan of Dadamiya and at times he used to remain in the service of Hazrat Dada Miyan. He said that many times he had seen that the parts of the Dada Miyan’s body separated. I was afraid. Later on I came to know that it was due to the practice of Zikr-e-Asadi.

  How to Reach: From Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport,Lucknow the dargah is approx. 14 km, from Lucknow Junction Railway Station it is around 3 km. The dargah is 2.7 km approx. from Bus Stand, Qaiserbagh, Lucknow. City buses and taxis are available easily to go the dargah.,

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