Hazrat Syed Ghous-e-Bangal Shamsudden Shah Wali (R.A.)

 Raniganj,West Bengal, India


Hazrat Syed Ghous-e-Bangal Shamsudden Shah Wali (R.A.) s a descendant of Huzoor Gaus Al Azam Dastageer (R.A.). Unfortunately his detailed historical back ground is not known at them moment hence shall be updated later.

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  How to Reach: From Asansol Airport the dargah is around 24 km and sansol Junction 21 km. Raniganj Railway Station is 1.5 km and Raniganj Bus Station 1.5 km approx. from the dargah. ,

Nearest City : Raniganj
Nearest Bus Stop : Dargah Ghous-e-Bangal stop
Nearest Airport : Asansol Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Raniganj Railway Station
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