Hazrat Miskin Shah Baba

 Jamshedpur,Jharkhand, India


Hazrat Miskin Shah Baba aka Passport Baba came from Lahore some 150 years ago. His birth details aren't known.

People come here to offer their prayers at the shrine of Miskin Shah Baba, popularly known ‘Passport Baba’, and seek divine intervention in their efforts to cross the seas. It is believed that if someone who wants to go abroad comes here and ties a copy of his or her passport on the old peepal tree inside the shrine as an offering, he or she is bound to see the dream of going abroad fulfilled in no time.

Miskin Baba is thought to be especially gracious to students and the unemployed. Besides those who want to fly to foreign shores, who are in search of a job, or who want to pass their exams with flying colours and few who want to unite with their beloved, also believe in the power of this shrine.
So there are not just copies of passports but also admit cards, examination hall tickets, and love letters festooned to the peepal tree.
They believe Baba will take care of the rest.

Hazrat Miskin Shah Baba's demise date isn't sure too but it is assumed that he died before 1934 as a shrine was constructed in his memory in 1934 near the Pipal tree.

Additional Info

Those anticipating divine blessings have to follow a system here—wishes can be pinned up only on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, and thereafter, one has to come to the shrine for seven consecutive weeks, without fail. There’s a system even for those who cannot travel. They simply send letters, along with the copies of their passports, praying to the Baba which Peer Mohammad, the caretaker of the shrine, hangs on the peepal tree.

  How to Reach: From Sonari Airport Passport Baba dargah is around 9.6 km, from Tatanagar Junction it is 9.1 km and from Jamshedpur Bus Station it is 5.8 km. Local city transportation is available to go to the dargah.,

Nearest City : Jamshedpur
Nearest Bus Stop : Birsa Nagar
Nearest Airport : Sonari Airport Jamshedpur
Nearest Railway Station : Tatanagar Junction
Contact Person Name : Peer Mohammad
Contact Person Phone: Not Available
Website : Not Available
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