Hazrat Shah Badar Diwan Qadri Baghdadi (RA)

 Masanian ,Punjab, India


Hazrat Syed Badaruddin Gilani Qadiri Baghdadi is Hassani, Hussaini, Razaqqi, Gilani syed. In Lahore he is known as Hazrat Shah Badar Diwan and in India as Hazrat Shah Badar Gilani(R.A). He was born in Baghdad on 7th November 1457 AD.

He left his home in 1493 AD and came to Lahore, where he spend five years to preaching of Islam. On 18 August 1498 AD, he came to Batala and founded Massanian. Massanian is a hindi word which means ‘One who remove an evil spirits’. It is also spelled as Masania, Masanian and Masaniyan. And this place is also called as Masani. He got married to Bibi Murassa, daughter of Hazrat Daud Bokhari in village Sohal Gurdaspur and had four sons and one daughter.

Hazrat Shah Badar Diwan Qadri Baghdadi (RA) died on 12 August 1570 AD in Massanian where a majestic dargah was built by his grand son Shah Abdul Shakoor Gilani Qadiri.
An annual festival is held on 12th Rabi-ul-Awal and the monthly fair or nau-chandi is held on a Thursday at the appearance of the new moon,at a time in Massanian and Lahore.

Additional Info

In Lahore he has a Chillah, where he spend forty days of meditation. King Akbar built a Khangah on this CHILLAH and the place is now called Chillah Shah Badar Diwan.

  How to Reach: From Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport Amritsar Masanian Sharif is 57 km and from Batala Junction it is 9 km. Local taxis are available from Batala to Masanian Sharif,

Nearest City : Batala
Nearest Bus Stop : Masanian Sharif
Nearest Airport : Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport Amritsar
Nearest Railway Station : Batala Junction
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