Hazrat Sheikh Tayyab

 Kaithal,Haryana, India


Sheikh Tayyab was a disciple and khalifa of Baba Shah Kamal. Sheikh Tayyab died sometime in the late 16th century AD. It is said that this tomb was constructed by Hazrat Shah Sikandar

Mazar of Hazrat Shah Sikandar Qadri Kaithaly
, the grand son of Hazrat Shah Kamal. The tomb is built on a square plan, a popular style of Pathan architecture. The roof is surmounted by a bulbous dome and a lotus flower finial rests on an octagonal drum-base.

Sheikh Tayyab's actual name was Lala Maidni Mal and he was one of the advisor to Mughal Emperor Akbar. He converted to Islam at the hands of Hazrat Shah Kamal Qadri. His descendants from Hindu wife are called "Qanugo" and the place where they used to live is called Mohalla "Qanugoyan" in Kaithal.

Additional Info

There was a tradition when some one from Qanugo used to get married, they used to send one pitcher of sweet drink (sherbat) to sheikh Tayyab masjid (also known as masjid of mirrors) Old Picture of Masjid of Mirrors near Sheikh Tayyab Mazar and one pitcher to Hazrat baba shah Kamal shrine. The 16th century tomb is situated in Kaithal city near Railway line.

  How to Reach: From Delhi – Indira Gandhi International Airport the Dargah is 194 km, from Kaithal Railway Station it is about 1 km and from New Bus Stand it is 2.9 km. Three wheelers and local taxis are the best choice to go to Dargah.,

Nearest City : Kaithal
Nearest Bus Stop : New Bus Stand
Nearest Airport : Delhi – Indira Gandhi International Airport
Nearest Railway Station : Kaithal
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