Hazrat Syed Sha Sirajuddin Mohammed Saqaf Alias Syed Ismath Pasha Saqaf Thazim Tarak Qadri, Shuttari, Chisthi, Naqsbandi

 Thanjavur,Tamil Nadu, India


Hazrat Syed Sha Sirajuddin Mohammed Saqaf Alias Syed Ismath Pasha Saqaf Thazim Tarak Qadri, Shuttari, Chisthi, Naqsbandi was born on Friday 2nd Day Of Rajab, Hijri 1342 (7th February, 1924) at Saqaf Makan In Thanjavur. His Father’s Name Was Syed Sha Hassanul Musanna Saqaf Alias C.S.Peeran Who Is The Descendent Of Sha Rahmatullah Vali (Hazrat Mohammed Gause Gwaliori’s Brother’s Grandson) Of Killai.

His Mother’s Name Was Mahmoodunnisa Begum Of Hyderabad . His Younger Brother Was Syed Sha Sirajuddin Ahmed Saqaf Alias Syed Ahmed Pasha Saqaf.

Saheb Waqliullah’s Childhood And Primary Education Was At Killai. He Was Very Eager To Memorize Quran Sharif, And He Was Very Successful In Memorizing 12 Juz Of The Holy Quran, He Spent His Adolescent Age In Various Madaressas At Vellore And Northen India.

After The Return From Madaressas Saheb Was Handed Over To Be Brought Up By His Aunt Shamsunnisa Bi Of Salem (Father’s Elder Brother’s Wife, Who Was Not Blessed With Children) Residing At Asar-E-Sharif At Thanjavur.

After Some Years Saheb Waliullah Married A Noble Lady Janaba Sajidunnisa Bibi Saheba (She Is So Polite And Had Been Pateint In Assisting Saheb In All Walks Of Life) At Pulimankulam Near Tirunelveli And Lived Along With His Aunt At Asar-E-Sheriff At Thanjavur. They Behold All The Difficulties In That Period.

Saheb Waliullah Was A Voracious Reader Of Religious Books And Clasical Sciences . He Was An Avid Collector Of Books And Inculcated The Habit Of Reading To Those Who Came To Him.

During The Stay At Asar-E-Sharif He Used To Go Through Books In Langauages Like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, And Tamil Daily. This Routine Helped In His Gaining Vast Knowledge Of Spitirualism And Its Treatment. He Had A Vast Collection Of Books In These Languages.

Saheb Waliullah Kept Himself Busy Mostly By Being Alone And In The Remeberance Of Almighty Allah. He Used To Stay Alone At Most Of The Holy Shrines (Durgahs) Around Him And Spent Many Days Alone. His Food During Those Days Was Only Pure Drinking Water And Nothing Else. Some Times He Used To Take Very Little Rice With Daal (Without Salt To Taste).

Saheb Waliullah Attained Vilayath By The Aspiring Wishes Of Syed Sha Niamatuullah Saqqaf And Dosth Mohammed Saqqaf Popularly Known As Hazrat "Dohre Mastan" Aulia Whose Dargah Shariff Is Located In The Heart Of Thanjavur City And Hazrat "Ekhare Mastan" – His Dargah Shariff Is Just Adjoining To Hazrat Dohre Mastan Dargah And Kind Wishes Of Hazrat "Khader Wali Nagoori "(R.A)

Saheb Waliullah Had A Pleasing Personality, Simple And Decently Dressed, Pleasing Face, Glittering Eyes, Bright Forehead And Sweet Tone. He Used To Talk In Attractive Manner To Any One Whether, He Is Rich Or Poor Strong Or Weak, Hindu Or Muslim, Or Christian, Beliver Or Atheist , His Manner Of Talk Wass Ever Absorbing And Pleasing As Ever. Everybody Liked Him To Talk And Spent Days With Him And Getting A Bit Of Advice From Him, Thus Getting Enlighted.

Saheb Waliullah Had A Healthy Friendship With Hazrath Abdul Majid Sufi Appa.Of Kodikkal Palayam And Hazrath Kwaja Habibullah Sha Chisthi Naqshbandhi Of Kattumannargudi. These People Had Recogonised And Declared That Saheb Indeed Is A “Waliullah”

There Is No Doubt That Saheb Waliullah Had Spiritual Admiration And Connection With Panjathan-E-Paak,Moula Ali Mushkil Kusha,Gause-E-Paak,Khawaja Moinnuddin Chisthi Ajmeri, Hazrath Khader Wali Gunjbaksh Of Nagore Shariff, Shiek Dawood Aulia Of Muthupet, Syed Ibrahim Shahid Awulia Of Earwadi, Hazrath Syed Ali Meeran Datta Of Unja Sheriff And Nathar Wali Of Tiruchirapalli. These Great Saints Joined Hands Whenever Saheb Waliullh Did Any Spiritual Treatment To Any One Who Was Affected By Evil Spirits. Many People Heard Of His Spritual Treatments And Came From Different Parts Surrounding The Area And Attained Benefits Spiritually And Physically.

On 16TH November 1991, he passed away And Carried Forward His Spiritual Life And Faiz To Be Distributed To The Masses Who Ever Visit His Dargah Sharif Situated At Thanjavur In Shah Miyan Thaikkal.

Syed Abdul Rasool Alias Syed Sha Vajihun Naqi Saqqaf Alias Nanhe Saheb Lead And Performed The Funeral Prayer. A Lot Of His Disciples And Sincere Followers With Heavy Hearts Attended The Funeral

Today Lot Of Miracles Happen In The Dargah Sharif, Mny A Wounded Hearts Healed Evil And Lots And Lots Of Mass Attained Spiritual And Physical Benefits From The Holy Shrine Of Saheb Waliullah .

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Saheb Waliullah’s Memory Power Was Quiet Amazing. He Used To Recollect Any Matter Of Importance Even If He Had Gone Through Countless Daily’s,Weekly’s And Monthliy Magazines Which He Used To Preserve. His Love For Reading Old Manuscripts Was Phenomenal. One Of The Manuscript’s Compiled By Shah Rahmatullah Wali Of Killai By The Name "Sirrunnama". He Preserved More Than Hundreds Of Other Manuscripts By Taking Photocopies And Lamnated Some Of The Manuscripts In Original For The Next Generation.

  How to Reach: From Thanjavur Airport Saheb Dargah is apprx. 9.4 km from Thanjavur Junction it is 1 Km. From Bus stand AVP Azhagammal Nagar Saheb Dargah is 5.8 km and from Thanjavur Old Bus Stand it is 600 m. Taxis, three wheeler and city buses are available for Saheb Dargah. ,

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